Women and the Institution of Policing in the Pacific

Melissa Bull
Loene Howes
Sinclair Dinnen
Danielle Watson

Gender equality has increasingly been a focus for governments of Pacific Islands countries (PICs) and the international, regional, and local organisations working with them. As the most visible arm of governance, police organisations have attracted significant attention in terms of the gender agenda due to their role in responding to issues affecting women. This shift can be attributed to increased recognition of gender inequality in PICs and its association with high rates of crimes against women. This chapter discusses the changing place of women in highly gendered policing organisations internationally and in the Pacific. It considers influences on gender in Pacific policing associated with international, regional, and national frameworks, policies, and agendas aimed at improving women’s circumstances. This chapter then explores how regional instability and gender-based violence have shaped female officers’ participation in policing and provides examples of the impacts of their involvement in regional initiatives.

Research Type(s)
Book Chapter
Submitted by Phoebe Nadenbousch
February 15, 2023
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