Membership of the Toksave Pacific Gender Resource is open to those interested in undertaking, sharing and learning from quality gender research. We welcome members affiliated with research institutes and universities across the Pacific, as well as individual researchers or practitioners working on and/or studying gender issues.

In order to access research resources and information about relevant events and to engage with discussion forums hosted on Toksave, individuals are invited to register as a member.

Criteria for Membership Approval

Our community welcomes gender specialists and those with a genuine interest in gender research and exploring issues about gender inequality and sustainable development outcomes in the Pacific. Aspiring members are asked to complete the membership form to assist the approval process. Please contact us with any membership questions. Toksave reserves the right to refuse membership at its discretion, based on consideration of the portal’s objectives.

Research Submission

Research resources can be submitted in a range of formats including Word, PDF, video and audio files. A photo or image related to the resource may be submitted with each item.

When submitting a research resource, members will be asked to provide descriptive information, including the title, author, year of publication, whether or it has been peer reviewed. Members will also need to categorise and tag the resource in line with our classification system.

Members can submit by either attaching a file or including a hyperlink to the site where it the work is housed (or both).

Criteria for Portal Research Publication

All items must meet the following criteria:


  • Related to the Pacific region or a Pacific island country; and
  • Related to gender and gender issues; or
  • Other content that is relevant to the objectives of the portal, for example, contains relevant contextual gender analysis.


  • The item must be ‘open access’ or submitted by the author themselves, who must confirm that they hold the right to share it, or that it is material publishable under a Creative Commons license.

Additional criteria:

  • Items that are classified as a ‘Journal Article’, ‘Chapter’ or ‘Conference paper – published’ must also:
    • be published by a legally recognised academic institution; or
    • have been peer-reviewed; and/or
    • have been through a university ethics approval process.

Toksave Discussion Forum Culture

As a condition of Toksave membership, individuals will be required to agree to abide by the Discussion Forum Culture and the Toksave Terms and Conditions.

Members will be able to subscribe to receive email notifications regarding new activity posted on the Discussion Forum or on their submitted resources.

The Toksave Discussion Forum protocols are designed ensure that members have a safe space to ask questions, discuss, debate and share information relating to gender and the Pacific. Please read these so that you get the most out of your participation in the Toksave Discussion Forum.

1. Members are welcome to share information and ask questions, respecting Pacific cultural diplomacy.

2. All community members are respected and valued. Posts that insult, defame, or abuse another person, and language that is explicit or vulgar will not be tolerated. Questions and debate are welcome but abuse is not.

3. While new discussion topics are encouraged, members are asked to check to if their topic has been previously covered by others. If it has, members are asked consider contributing to that discussion.

4. Where posts are considered to violate the Toksave Guidelines and Terms and Conditions, members may contact the Toksave moderators to suggest their removal. 

5. Submitted posts found to be outside the scope of the Toksave Pacific Gender Resource, or do not align with the Toksave objectives, may be deleted at the moderator’s discretion.

Users that do not abide by the Toksave Discussion Forum Culture may be have their posts edited or deleted and their membership revoked without notice.

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