Toksave is a Tok Pisin expression that means ‘knowledgeable discussion’. See more here: What’s in a name

The TPGR is for Pacific gender researchers, defined as researchers with Pacific heritage or deep connections to the Pacific.

Pacific gender researchers and gender specialists can apply for membership. Applications will be determined on the basis of previous experience and interest in undertaking gender research in Pacific contexts. See our guidelines for more information.

See our guidelines for more information

Toksave members can submit research products. See our guidelines for more information.

See our guidelines for more information

No. You can submit the research of other individuals, as long as it is either open access or you have the permission of the author(s).

See our guidelines for more information

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See our guidelines for more information

Once you submit a piece of research, a selection panel will review and either upload it, or advise you in writing.

See our terms and conditions for more information.

You can use the Directory to search for researchers by their name, country, area of research interest and research publications.

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Toksave membership is free.

We uphold the principles of inclusive tolerance but will exclude sexist, racist or other demeaning discussion on this website.

See our guidelines for more information

Our web designers, Rowdy Inc, extended the concept of a traditional Pacific Island conch shell to one that resembles curved pages, centring research at the heart of Toksave’s knowledgeable discussion. In their words, “The page forms deriving from the conch shell emphasise the focus of the discussion on the Pacific, and its flow gives the feeling of movement and also water, relating back to Pacific islands. The three bubbles are a small detail but indicate that something is living and will therefore evolve and change as the Toksave community will. We used Pacific inspired colours, the blues for sky and ocean and warm brown for sand and earth.”

In choosing this design, our inaugural Reference Group also considered that the logo took a particularly feminine form, with the shell’s curves representing those of women, calling their communities to attend the safe space of Toksave.

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