Why a Temporary Special Measure is Needed in Papua New Guinea’s Parliament

Mary Fairio

This paper is based on a desktop review and findings from a study carried out by Fairio and others on women in the 2017 national elections and women in the local-level government elections. The study finds that women face immense challenges when contesting elections. The continuous trend of underrepresentation of women in parliament is a major concern for PNG as a democratic nation. Without any interventions to address the gender gap in parliament, this trend is likely to continue for the next 40 years too. A holistic approach, especially political will and support, is needed to improve the underrepresentation of women in parliament. This paper emphasises the need to implement a Temporary Special Measure to address the long-standing underrepresentation of women in the PNG parliament.

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Journal Article
Submitted by Lindy Kanan
November 15, 2021
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