The Costs of Violence, Understanding the Costs of Violence against Women and Girls and Its Response: Selected Findings and Lessons Learned from Asia and the Pacific

UN Women

A critical mass of information and specialised knowledge on violence against women costing techniques has emerged within the Asia-Pacific region. This report highlights selected regional research and findings. This report is limited to discussion of costing work undertaken in the region which addresses response services only. The report catalogues and elucidate the past and current efforts to cost violence against women in Asia and the Pacific and highlights the challenges and key lessons we have come across. The violence against women costing efforts highlighted in the report not only aim to help understand the impact of violence against women, but ultimately facilitate a closing of the implementation and accountability gap by determining what financial resources are needed for governments to realise the commitments they have made. The report contains an overview of costing violence against women and girls and examines costing methodologies using case study examples.

Research Type(s)
UN/IGO Document
Submitted by Toksave
March 25, 2021
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