State of the Service: Women’s Participation in the PNG Public Sector

Nicole Haley

Papua New Guinea’s new Public Services (Management) Act 2014 (PSMA) is one of several important administrative and legislative reforms implemented by the O’Neill/Dion Government in accordance with the Alotau Accord of 2012. Key among the changes is formal consultation with members of parliament (MPs) in relation to the appointment of provincial and district administrators, which in effect gives MPs a formal role in hiring and firing decisions at the subnational level. Seemingly, this is already having a detrimental impact on the gender profile of the public sector, with four women of the five most senior women in the Simbu provincial administration already replaced at the recommendation of MPs in the province. Drawing on previously unpublished data, this In Brief offers an analysis of the gender profile of the Papua New Guinea public sector as at June 2014, before the implementation of the new PSMA. The analysis reveals that while women are well represented in central government agencies, they are severely underrepresented in senior positions at the subnational level where services are delivered.

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Journal Article
Submitted by Toksave
March 22, 2021
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