Slo slo: Increasing Women’s Representation in Parliament in Vanuatu

Isabelle Donald
Jane Strachan
Hilda Taleo

In the recent general election (May 2002) Vanuatu elected its third ever woman (Isabelle Donald) to parliament. The reasons women in Vanuatu are so under-represented in national, provincial and municipal governments are complex and include the reluctance, and in some cases direct opposition, of some (both men and women) to acknowledge women’s rightful place in the decision-making processes of the country. These attitudes are deeply embedded in traditional custom and Christianity. Particularly in the early days of independence, many members of parliament were also church pastors and today many are chiefs. Attempts to change this situation in the past have been ad hoc and lacked a clearly planned and coordinated approach, as well as political will. However, this does not mean that nothing has been done to try to change this situation.

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Journal Article
Submitted by Toksave
March 21, 2021
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