Showing our story our way: exploring the learning processes of gender awareness videos in Papua New Guinea

Katja Mikhailovich
Lalen Simeon

In Papua New Guinea (PNG), smallholder farmers, particularly women and girls, are the backbone of food production and food security; therefore, engaging these farmers in learning and development programs is key. We present and analyse a project that developed a story-telling digital video for farmers with low literacy as a learning tool in the sensitive area of gender equity. Although the video was a cross cultural collaboration between PNG and Australian team members, the PNG team took responsibility for the video’s vision, content, and process to ensure that the video resonated with the farmers’ local culture and context. As adult learners make meaning from their interactions in their own social world and that world is culturally, linguistically, and place-specific, we conclude that a locally created video drama featuring a PNG family can facilitate situated, affective, collective, and transformative learning.

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Journal Article
August 2, 2023
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