Report of a Strategy Meeting of Feminists Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Rights in the Pacific: Cairo@20 and More

Pacific Feminist SRHR Coalition

The overall message of the four-day meeting was that there can be no realisation of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for Pacific women without attention to issues of bodily integrity and autonomy, and that no gender equality is possible without realisation of full human rights and social justice – including core focus on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The forum provided a secure place for diverse Pacific feminist and human rights civil society organisations, networks and advocates from across the Pacific region to:
• Share critical analysis and map advocacy responses to major regional and global SRHR agendas and issues.
• Collaboratively identify major gaps, urgent and priority action, and also areas of potential cooperation/collaboration in analysis and advocacy.
• Explore whether these insights can be translated into time-bound regional and global action plan including attention to development of joint regional analysis, advocacy tools and campaigns, communications and networking, presence at key intergovernmental meetings, and other shared capacities.

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Report – Not peer reviewed
Submitted by Toksave
March 23, 2021
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