Markets Matter: Market Vendor Views on Security and Social Inclusion in Honiara, Solomon Islands

Meg Keen
Anouk Ride

There is increasing recognition of the need for initiatives aimed at sustainable livelihoods and inclusive economic development to pay more attention to security issues. Vendors at community urban food markets in Melanesian cities are working in places that are unlicensed and have limited formal security but are essential to urban food supply and livelihoods. This In Brief examines governance and security issues in three of Honiara’s community markets at Henderson, Fishing Village and White River. They are located on roadsides and unregulated by authorities, in contrast to the Honiara Central Market (HCM) which is housed in a market building and run by the Honiara City Council. This is the third In Brief in the Markets Matter series that provide short overviews of key findings from a research project on the socio-economic value, opportunities and challenges facing community markets. The research was conducted in partnership with UN Women and funded by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives. The study involved 189 vendors — 84% women.

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Journal Article
Submitted by Toksave
March 23, 2021
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