Inclusive poverty data in the Solomon Islands (Video)

International Women's Development Agency
Dignity Pasifik

In 2020, the International Women’s Development Agency with Dignity Pasifik carried out a study in the Solomon Islands using a world-first gender-sensitive measure of multidimensional poverty. The information collected shines a light on the areas of people’s lives that are usually overlooked when measuring poverty. It’s not just what we measure, but how we measure it, that allows us to better understand how gender, age, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, geographic location or other overlapping factors create, shape or deepen experiences of poverty and inequality. In the video, enumerators who fielded the survey reflect on the value of having inclusive data to enable transformative action and how understandings of poverty have changed through this process.

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Audiovisual recording – Film
Submitted by Lindy Kanan
November 4, 2021
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