The Global Women’s Institute 10-Year Anniversary Testimonials

Global Women's Institute

Hear from some of our closest partners on GWI’s first decade of impact in this YouTube.

At the George Washington University, the Global Women’s Institute (GWI) advances gender equality around the world. GWI believes that positive change happens when actions are driven by research, and that the most authentic evidence is generated in partnership with those who work in and know the context best.

As a leading global research institution on violence against women and girls, including in conflict and humanitarian settings, GWI understands the value of partnerships. GWI supports, documents, and amplifies the work of women’s movements to end gender-based violence globally. The institute convenes world-class faculty, researchers, practitioners, activists, donors, and policymakers to focus on the most critical issues facing women and girls today.

As a university-wide institution at a premier academic establishment in Washington DC, GWI prepares the next generation of leaders. By strengthening the global knowledge base on gender issues and
violence prevention, GWI is a catalyst for justice and social change to benefit women and girls worldwide.

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Submitted by Phoebe Nadenbousch
March 27, 2023
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