Fetausia’i (Reciprocal Caring) as a Relational Hermeneutical Approach for Gender Equality in Pacific Churches

Mercy Ah Siu-Maliko

This paper was prepared for the Pacific Council of Churches Conference held in Suva, Fiji in June 2016.

“My initial reaction when asked to speak on gender in light of the theme of this conference, ‘Relational Hermeneutics and the Reshaping of the Pacific from the Ground up,‛ was ‘Why does a gender perspective have to come from a woman, when gender refers to the cultural construction of both femininity and masculinity?’ While reflecting on this question, my own curiosity revealed certain truths about gender relationships in Pacific churches and societies. Embedded in our understandings and interpretations of gender roles is the reality that ‘gender equality’ is a controversial issue in Pacific churches and societies.”

Research Type(s)
Conference Paper – Unpublished
Submitted by Susana Taua’a
November 19, 2021
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