Elements of a Gender Mainstreaming Strategy: A 14-Point Framework

Sarah Murison

It is not possible to achieve a controversial goal, such as gender equality and equity, without a clear strategic plan setting out policy, objectives, action, time frame and resources. Yet, in many cases, the individuals and units within organisations who have been assigned responsibility for gender mainstreaming are attempting to deliver on this responsibility with no clear strategy in place. This paper briefly describes the elements of strategically effective action for gender mainstreaming that have been developed over the decade since the term was firmly lodged in global policy at the Beijing Conference in 1995 and adopted as the development community’s agreed methodology to achieve gender equality (United Nations 1995 and 1997). The paper touches upon the central issues in gender analysis that must guide gender mainstreaming activity, pointing out that although most program officers do not need to undertake a complete gender analysis, they need have a grasp of certain foundation principles that govern that analysis.

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Journal Article
Submitted by Toksave
March 23, 2021
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