Applying an intersectional lens to addressing gender disparities and disadvantage in rural Melanesian agriculture

Cherise Addinsall
Norah Rihai
Brenda Andre
Eva Addinsall
Mia Dunphy
Brooke Van der Wildenberg
Anjali Nelson
Tasha Weir

Agricultural research and development projects face structural barriers to the equitable participation of women. Applying an intersectional approach can facilitate women to freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development within the existing patriarchal and colonial structures, ultimately challenging and subverting these structures. This paper argues that development initiatives must seek to understand the ways of being within specific localised projects, to tailor support and mitigate disadvantage. Through an exploration of two female-led agroforestry projects in Vanuatu and Fiji, this paper demonstrates how centring the sovereignty of women over their own experience and livelihood aspirations can lead to familial, community and regional wellbeing.

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Research Type(s)
Journal Article
July 27, 2023
Published in

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