Adolescent health care and perceptions in a provincial hospital in Papua New Guinea

Leilani Suwary
Dale Frank
Gilchrist Oswyn
Allanie Rero
Trevor Duke

Adolescents make up an estimated 22 % of the 11.8 million population of Papua New Guinea (PNG), yet, as in many low and middle income countries, there are limited specific services for adolescents, who in traditional health service design fall between paediatric and adult patients. With more survivors of chronic illnesses, including tuberculosis and HIV, congenital and acquired heart disease, epilepsy and cerebral palsy, diabetes, cancer and other chronic conditions, there are gaps in the care of such young people, and in their eventual transition to adult services. Moreover, traditional health service design rarely addresses many adolescent health concerns – mental health, self-esteem, substance use, and adolescent-friendly sexual and reproductive health. This study, amongst a cohort cared for in a provincial hospital in Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea, aimed to explore the perceptions of adolescents on the health care they receive, and their views on their health priorities.

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Journal Article
June 6, 2024
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