Seminar | Rethinking Culture, History and Gender Relations in the Solomon Islands

Canberra time
1 hour

Anna Kwai, a PhD candidate at the Australian National University, presents her research as part of the Pacific History Association webinar series. The Pacific History Association promotes research in and the teaching of Pacific History. Established in 1980 at a conference in Martindale Hall, South Australia, the association holds biennial conferences around the Pacific.

Anna’s research focuses on the transformation of gender relations and questions the framing methods of western institutions in shaping our perceptions of the past. The language on ‘gender’ in Solomon Islands renders women submissive to a social process that appears invariable. It suggests culture as an impediment to women’s advancement while simplifying the multiplicities of indigenous traditions, their intersections and historical progression. Such perception discounts the intelligence and ability of women to negotiate their positions within transforming social environments. The processes of missionisation and colonisation are among the factors that influenced the lens through which we view traditional cultures. 

No registration is required for this webinar. Please join the event via zoom here.

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