Call for abstracts | One day symposium: A Pacific Criminology?

Pacific ways of theorising crime, violence, justice, and peace are currently developing in a disconnected manner, hidden currents beneath the visible surface of Northern criminology. This free symposium will offer a space for these disparate currents to surface and converge in productive and energising ways.

The organisers invite submissions concerning crime, violence, security and insecurity, justice, and peace as it is experienced in the Pacific. 

From these submissions a selection will be showcased at the one-day symposium, held on 31 March 2023 at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Find more information on the symposium here.

The submissions will then be considered for publication in a Special Issue of the International Journal of Crime Justice and Social Democracy. 

Submissions close Friday 7 October 2022, 5pm NZST. Find more information here or here.

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