“You Feel Like You Don’t Have the Freedom to Do Your Work”: Exploring Fijian Women Journalists’ Experiences of Sexual Harassment

Folker Hanusch
Shailendra Singh
Birte Leonhardt
Geraldine Panapasa

The topic of violence against women in journalism has received growing attention in scholarship, especially in terms of digital forms of harassment. At the same time, many women journalists continue to experience direct forms of harassment in the pursuit of their work. Focusing on the Pacific Island nation of Fiji, this study contributes to scholarship on sexual harassment in journalism by examining the experiences of more than 40 journalists, employing both a standardized survey and in-depth interviews. Our findings demonstrate how widespread sexual harassment is, with colleagues and superiors, as well as politicians and businesspeople the most frequent culprits. Women journalists report a harrowing range of cases, and the results show that inadequate safeguards contribute to sexual harassment’s wide-ranging effect on their personal and professional lives.

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Journal Article
February 22, 2024
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