Women’s Leadership Stories – Bougainville: Stories of Inspiration from Women in Local Government

Commonwealth Local Government Forum Pacific 

Despite the existence of affirmative action measures at the sub-national level in almost all Pacific island countries (a little known fact), women’s political representation at this level continues to remain significantly low. Nevertheless, regional trends indicate that women’s political representation at the sub-national level is gradually increasing and in most cases is higher than at the national level. Across the local government workforce, women’s representation in senior management positions is also low, with a few exceptions such as the Buka Urban Council in Bougainville with a management staff of over 90% women. Although these women have contributed an enormous amount to the growth of the sector and their communities, anecdotal evidence suggests there are still significant social, economic and cultural barriers at all levels in the sector that will be difficult to overcome alone.

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March 21, 2021
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