What is Holding them Back? Reflections on one Woman’s Loss at the Polls: Usino-Bundi Open

Laura Zimmer-Tamakoshi

This is a chapter from the book Election 2007: The Shift to Limited Preferential Voting in PNG ed. By RJ May, Ray Anere, Nicole Haley and Katherine Wheen. Why do not more women vote for female candidates? What factors and circumstances prevent women from becoming strong political actors? The author discusses the case of Betty Higgins’ candidature in the 2007 PNG election. She describes the candidate, her nomination and campaign and her loss. What seemed to matter was gendered. When asked, people said Betty lost because she lacked she lacked political experience and she was too individualistic (despite her business success and friendliness). They said women do not cooperate well in political settings. The author concludes with some observations about women as political actors.

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Book Chapter
Submitted by Toksave
March 25, 2021
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