Violence, Agency and Freedom of Movement: Issues Emerging out of the Lata Sisters’ Disappearance

Susanna Trnka

This paper analyses the Indo-Fijian public’s responses to the suspected kidnapping and possible murders of three Indo-Fijian sisters from the Rakiraki area. It considers some of the cultural dynamics that shape young Indo-Fijian women’s domestic lives. Focusing on the disappearances of Aashika, Renuka, and Radhika Lata in June 2005. The paper examines how middle-class Indo-Fijians imaginatively re-constructed the events surrounding the fate of the three girls. My interest is in both what the events surrounding their disappearance as well as the public’s speculations over them tell us about familial and community concerns over young women’s freedom of movement. I also consider related issues of women’s agency and measures for empowering young women against violence.

Research Type(s)
Journal Article
Submitted by Toksave
March 25, 2021
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