Unlocking the Opportunity in the Pacific Menstrual Health Market: Lessons Learned from a Workshop of Menstrual Health Actors Working in the Asia-Pacific Region

Criterion Institute
Pacific RISE

This report presents lessons learned from menstrual health actors working in the Asia-Pacific region and focuses on the local context of island-based nations. It is a unique case-study that captures the specific menstrual health challenges faced by countries with dispersed populations across large geographic locations with limited income and commercial access. The report explores how innovative investment can be a means of facilitating a new market opportunity, enabling improved access to necessary healthcare products, and support venture creation for women-led businesses.

The report contains findings at the enterprise level and at the menstrual health ecosystem level. It details opportunities for actions in
• Ecosystem-level coordination and investment.
• Aggregate imports of materials.
• Aggregate business models to seek investment.

These three opportunities outlined above and identified through the workshop each demonstrate the value of the menstrual health market to women and girls, to the local community and economy, and investors who want to use their capital to create meaningful impact. They show how actors in the Pacific can work both at the enterprise and menstrual health ecosystem levels to create a sustainable market and attend to the menstrual health needs of women and girls in the region.

Research Type(s)
Report – Not peer reviewed
Submitted by Toksave
March 21, 2021
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