The Future of Work for Women in the Pacific Islands

Ellen Boccuzzi

Early in the Covid-19 pandemic, Pacific Island governments acted swiftly to put strong policies in place to contain the virus and stem its spread. As a result, Covid-19 case numbers in the Pacific have remained relatively low compared with those in other world regions. To date, there have been 26,040 cases of Covid-19 in Pacific Island countries and a total of 261 deaths. Eleven countries have been affected, with the vast majority of cases in French Polynesia (17,483), followed by Guam (7,457), Northern Mariana Islands (128), Fiji (53), New Caledonia (40), and Solomon Islands (17). French Polynesia and Guam have each had 124 deaths, and there have been a total of 4 deaths elsewhere in the region. 1 And while effective policies and geographic isolation have helped Pacific Island countries avoid the worst of Covid’s health impacts, the social and economic impacts of Covid-19 on the region have been profound.

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UN/INGO Document
Submitted by Lindy Kanan
June 24, 2021
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