The Costs of Violence: Understanding the Costs of Violence Against Women and Girls and its Response, Selected Findings and Lessons Learned from Asia and the Pacific

UN Women

This report, albeit initial and somewhat limited in scope, is an effort to realize that goal, highlighting selected regional research and findings to-date. While a truly comprehensive approach to addressing VAW entails not only ensuring appropriate response through the provision of services, but also the prevention of such violence from occurring in the first place, this report is limited to discussion of costing work undertaken in the region which addresses response services only. The intended audience for this report includes partners in government, other United Nations agencies and NGOs, as well as donors and practitioners. This report aims to catalogue and elucidate the past and current efforts to cost VAW in Asia and the Pacific, building on what was presented at the costing consultation in January 2013 (a mix of UN Women-led and partner-led work), and highlighting the challenges and key lessons we have come across.

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UN/IGO Document
Submitted by Toksave
March 25, 2021
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