Situating Women: Gender Politics and Cicumstance in Fiji

Teresia Teaiwa

Fiji has been a key focal point for women’s activism in the Pacific for close to 40 years. So it is somewhat surprising that not much has been written assessing this important history. Annelise Riles’s ethnography of Fiji-based national and regional women’s NGOs’preparations for andperformances at the 1995 UN conference on women in Beijing gave a cynical and disparagingaccount of rote-learned and regurgitated UN discourse (The Network Inside Out, 2001). But tied as it was to its particular ethnographic present, Riles’s study failed to situate Beijing 1995 within a longer history of modern feminist activism in Fiji and the Pacific. Nicole George’sbook helpfully steps into the breach.

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Journal Article
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March 25, 2021
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