Sexual Harassment at Work and E-government: An Assessment of the Thirteen Pacific Island Countries

Suwastika Naidu
Atishwar Pandaram
Anand Chand
Arvind Patel

This study investigated how effectively the national governments of the thirteen Pacific Island Countries (PICs) are using the e-government website to create awareness on national-level policies on sexual harassment in the workplace. A total of 85 e-government websites from thirteen PICs were assessed by using the content analysis methodology. The findings from this study confirmed that large-small island countries, such as Fiji, Cook Islands, Samoa, and the Solomon Islands are effectively using the e-government website to provide information and create awareness on national policies against sexual harassment in the workplace as compared to the small PICs. Large PICs have the infrastructure and resources to effectively use information computer technology to provide awareness on national-level policies that protect workers against sexual harassment policies in the workplace. This study’s findings will be important for the policymakers, human rights and gender activists, employees, and employers.

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Research Type(s)
Journal Article
Submitted by Phoebe Nadenbousch
March 16, 2023
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