Politics, Parity and Participation

Fay Volatabu

I AM WOMAN magazine was set up with the primary focus of promoting issues pertaining to the fairer sex and promote positive stories so I will continue to use the power of the pen or more specifically, the power of my fingertips to do just that. This issue is about POLITICS, PARITY and PARTICIPATION. The cover is supposed to grasp your attention and make you see the faces of some of the women who have stood for elections in the past, and by virtue of their trying, be proud of what we have achieved. In line with the theme, we are also featuring the stories of three women who are standing in the coming election – one an iconic business woman, another an administrator of a political party and the third, is a problem solving video blogger who uses media to dissect social issues and offer solutions. We also feature a poster of all the thirty plus women who are standing in this year’s elections, in our Walkabout Column and in our Lest We Forget Column, we highlight women who have stood in past elections and won their place in parliament but have now since gone.

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Submitted by Sonia Palmieri
October 10, 2022
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