Pacific Gender and Climate Change Toolkit: Tools for Practitioners

Aliti Vunisea
Brigitte Leduc
Karen Barnard
Katalaine Duaibe
Laura Cleary
Marita Manley
Peniamina Leavai

While many of us are aware that gender does matter for sustainable development and climate change adaptation and mitigation, we may not know clearly how it matters, and what tools are available that can help to assess how it matters. Knowing is also not enough: we must apply this knowledge in a practical way when we design and implement activities, and ensure that we are capturing useful and important information through our monitoring and evaluation frameworks. This toolkit provides advice at a practical level, to address these needs. The principles and practices proposed in this toolkit are based on many decades of experience in the integration of a gender perspective in sustainable development, natural resources management and disaster preparedness. The toolkit is divided into three parts. This introductory module explains why gender is a critical consideration in climate change programmes, projects and strategies, and clarifies some common misconceptions. Module 2 focuses on the links between gender and climate change in specific sectors (e.g. food security, water and energy); and uses sector-relevant case studies to explain how to take gender into consideration. It also includes a module on disaster risk reduction recognising that these interventions should be factored into all climate change adaptation programmes and projects. These sector chapters can also be used as stand-alone documents for practitioners to guide their analysis in a specific sector. module 3 is the ‘how-to’ section and will take you through the different phases of a typical climate change programme/project cycle, identifying potential entry-points for integrating gender in each phase and also includes a generic gender checklist that may be applied to programmes and projects.

Research Type(s)
UN/IGO Document
Submitted by Toksave
March 25, 2021
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