‘O Le Toe Ulutaia A Bibliography Of Pasifika and Psychology Research

Jessee Fia’Ali’i
Sam Manuela
Jade Le Grice
Shiloh Groot
Julia Hyde

The resources listed in this bibliography include articles published in peer-reviewed journals, mental health and governmental gray literature and reports, accessible conference proceedings and unpublished dissertations and theses. This list includes a specific section on gender and sexuality (pp.134-148).  Literature was required to be easily accessible online through University/Organisation subscriptions, and have a broadly psychological focus. Studies were required to either include an author of Pasifika heritage or be conducted in collaboration with Pasifika communities and people, without researcher knowledge simply being imposed on data drawn from Pasifika people. We were also cautious about ensuring research was attendant to, or at least not obstructive in, the representation of diverse Pasifika realities, and did not conflate Pasifika peoples with other ethnicities (e.g. Asian-Pasifika American).

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Report – Peer reviewed
Submitted by Ruby Lupe Ah-Wai Macomber
June 20, 2022
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