Making Sense of AIDS

Leslie Butt
Richard Eves

One corner of the world where HIV arrived comparatively late is Melanesia, but the virus has quickly gained a foothold almost everywhere in the region. Both countries of the island of New Guinea are now considered to have a generalized epidemic.2 Predictions for Papua New Guinea appear catastrophic, with Shigeru Omi, World Health Organization regional director for the West Pacifi c, having warned that one million people could be infected within ten years (Millikin 2004).3 The picture for Papua is similarly bleak, with a World Health Organization report fi nding that 2 percent of the population is infected with HIV, twenty times the national average for Indonesia (Reuters, February 17, 2007). The apocalyptic tone of some predictions may provoke a cautious reaction, especially when the unreliable nature of the prevalence data is known, but the very real need for the pandemic in the region to be seriously and competently addressed cannot be overstated.

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March 21, 2021
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