Household Level Analysis of Poverty, Gender and Ethnicity Dynamics in Key Sectors of the Fijian Economy

Linda Jones
Priya Chattier
Jonathan Sibley
Deanna Salpietra

MDF stimulates investment, business innovation and regulatory reform to create additional jobs and increase the income of poor women and men in rural and urban areas around the world. MDF follows a systems approach to market development and supports businesses with innovative ideas, investment and regulatory reform that will increase business performance, stimulate economic growth and ultimately provide benefits for the poor – as workers, producers, and consumers. Currently, the focus of the Facility’s work in Fiji is in two key sectors: Horticulture and Agro-export; and Tourism and Related Support Services and Industries. It is considering expansion of its work to a third urban-based sector, possibly later this year. MDF selects its sectors based on their contribution to the national economy; long-term growth prospects, and relevance for poverty reduction. For each sector, MDF has prepared a sector assessment and developed a sector growth strategy identifying the key constraints and growth areas within those sectors, on which MDF is focusing its interventions for stimulating broad-based pro-poor growth in the sector. This study goes deeper into understanding poverty, gender and ethnicity in Fiji within the two key sectors where MDF works, and more generally on urban poverty to complement future work in a third urban-based sector. While the sectors were chosen because of their relevance to poverty reduction, the purpose of this study was to further assess within each sector: who is poor and why within the sectors; the mechanisms, choices and strategies they use to move out of poverty; and what prevents this from happening.

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Report – Not peer reviewed
Submitted by Toksave
March 22, 2021
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