Hem No Leit Tumas: Evidence for Improved Outcomes in Solomon Islands Women’s Literacy Programs

Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education
Coalition for Education Solomon Islands

The study unearthed a large amount of information about the delivery of adult literacy programs in rural communities, as well as finding some significant gaps in available information.

There is some incongruity between how adult literacy programs are typically described and perceived in Solomon Islands and the reality on the ground.

There is a wealth of knowledge amongst several key actors in the sector that could be harnessed more effectively to improve the delivery of adult literacy programs.

Many of the challenges faced in Solomon Islands are faced in other countries, and there is opportunity for Solomon Islands to learn from others’ experiences. The key finding of international research – that adult literacy programs need to be flexible, responsive to a diversity of learning styles, use locally developed and practical learning materials and invest in teacher training and on-going support – is confirmed to be also true of Solomon Islands.

The report shows that overall, successful models are characterised by a high degree of leader support and community ownership with classes that are customised to learner needs.

Research Type(s)
UN/IGO Document
Submitted by Toksave
March 21, 2021
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