George Telek – Noken Paitim Meri

George Telek

Papua New Guinea legend George Telek releases new single ‘Noken Paitim Meri’ from his upcoming new album ‘Kambek (I Lilikun Mulai)’. Noken Paitim Meri is a powerful ballad that advocates for an end to gender-based violence in communities throughout the Pacific.

In this ballad Telek speaks directly to other Papua New Guinean men, with the message that domestic violence is abhorrent and acceptable under no circumstances. The vocal is yearning and heartfelt, the chorus epic. Telek believes that Pacific women have for too long shouldered the burden of finding solutions to the gender-based violence issue, and it is now time for men to stand up strong and join in the cause to appeal to each other to eradicate such inequality.

The single is accompanied by a film clip edited by Papua New Guinean woman Natasha Henry, with footage of Telek filmed by Juan Low in Rabaul and additional footage of actors from Goroka provided by Dilen Doiki.

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September 8, 2022
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