Fiji Country Plan Summary

Pacific Women Shaping Pacific Development

Country Plans are the mechanism through which Pacific Women outcomes and activities are planned and agreed between DFAT and counterpart governments, following extensive national consultations. They provide detail on what will be funded and how these funding decisions are made. The first Fiji Country Plan was developed in 2013 based on consultations with women’s civil society organisations, Australian Government funded aid programs working in Fiji and development partners. It was updated in 2015 to better reflect the Government of Fiji’s and Government of Australia’s shared commitment to implement the National Gender Policy (2014) and related gender equality commitments. The Country Plan has an accompanying Monitoring and Evaluation Framework to track progress and learning.

A review of the Fiji Country Plan was conducted in 2017. The review focused on the extent to which women’s economic empowerment and women’s leadership and decision-making activities have contributed to positive change for women in Fiji. Violence against women was not reviewed, as that topic had previously undergone multiple evaluations and continues to be well programmed under the existing Country Plan portfolio.

The second Fiji Country Plan (2018–2021) builds on successes and lessons learned from the first and includes support to increase women’s accessibility to safe spaces to practice leadership and build confidence to influence national policy processes. It will continue to create opportunities that contribute to an enabling environment that supports women’s participation in community, local and national level leadership. It also supports female market venders to work together to lead market reform. Vendors are economically and socially empowered by improving infrastructure, systems, relations, safety and services in the markets. The Country Plan also encourages coalitions of women’s rights organisations committed to a Pacific where there is gender justice, ecological sustainability, peace, freedom, equality and human rights for all.

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May 25, 2023
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