Experiences of Female Agricultural Officers in Papua New Guinea. A study of Coffee, Cocoa and Oil Palm Sectors

Matilda R. Hamago

Women in Papua New Guinea are major players in agriculture. They contribute significantly to household food production and household income through their labour input in subsistence farming as well as in export crop production (Overfield, 2 1998; Koczberski et al., 2001; Curry et al., 2007; Linibi, 2009). Previous studies have reported that women contribute immensely to household production of coffee, cocoa and oil palm, yet are unfairly compensated for their labour relative to men (Overfield, 1998; Koczberski et al., 2001; Cahn & Liu, 2008; Ajani & Igbokwe, 2011; Inu, 2015; Pamphilon & Mikhailovich, 2017). Despite the significant involvement of women in agriculture in PNG, agricultural extension work has been largely male dominated, and women’s roles in export cash crop production has been largely unrecognised. While there have been several reviews and reports documenting extension in PNG and assessments on the effectiveness of extension (e.g. Mendano, 2012; Sitapai, 2011; 2012), few have considered female extension officers and women’s roles in household export crop production. Furthermore, very little is known about the participation and involvement of professional career women in agriculture: for example, female agricultural extension officers who often drive change and impart agricultural knowledge and skills to both female and male (smallholder) farmers. This report aims to address this knowledge gap. This report begins with a background introduction to export commodity crop production in PNG, followed by a brief description of the study sites. The objectives of this report and the significance of the study are also presented in this chapter.

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Report – Not peer reviewed
Submitted by Almah Tararia
May 17, 2022
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