Examining the Success and Constraints of Women Fresh Produce Resellers at the Lae Urban Food Market in Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea


Raylin Gena’s Masters thesis research is the first detailed study of the personal characteristics and the trading dynamics of resellers in the Lae Urban Food Market. It is also amongst the first studies in PNG to focus on the growing prominence of reselling in fresh food marketplaces. The production and selling of fresh produce are important income sources for many farmers. In urban centres, many market vendors have shifted to reselling, by purchasing fresh produce in bulk and reselling them in smaller bundles or groups. There are now resellers found in almost all urban markets in PNG as they try to meet the demand for fresh produce in urban centres and some are operating as a business dealing with large quantities of fresh produce such as broccoli, sweet potatoes, potato and cabbage. This thesis helps shed light on this new and growing trend in fresh food marketing in PNG.

Research Type(s)
Thesis – Unpublished work
Submitted by Almah Tararia
May 17, 2022
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