Community mobilisation in the framework of supportive social environment to prevent family violence in Solomon Islands

Tomoka Honda
Sarah Homan
Loksee Leung
Adi Bennett
Emma Fulu
Jane Fisher

Community mobilisation is one of the promising approaches to prevent Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG). Yet, there is very little research on the social contextual factors of community mobilisation for violence prevention based on broader theoretical framework. Particularly, the South Pacific remains one of the most under-researched regions in the world. This paper aims to address this and attempts to conduct process evaluation by elucidating the contexts that facilitated or hindered sustainable community mobilisation to prevent VAWG implemented by the Safe Families programme in Solomon Islands where the prevalence of violence is significantly high. This study adopted the Social Environment Framework developed by Campbell and Cornish, 2010Mannell and Dadswell, 2017. They sought social contextual factors comprised of symbolic, material, relational and institutional dimensions that are of crucial importance to examine the mobilisation process, hence having influence on programme outcomes.

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Research Type(s)
Journal Article
Submitted by Jennifer Danford
May 19, 2023
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