An Examination of Culture as a Protective Mechanism Against Gender Based Violence: A Case Study in Mt Bosavi, Papua New Guinea

Mirriam Dogimab

Development literature has not accorded sufficient attention to culture as a positive aspect of development until recently. Hence, in terms of using culture as a protective mechanism against gender-based violence, not much has been investigated or reported, since most studies on gender-based violence have focused more on cultural influences as the cause or effect of violence against women. However, in the case of Papua New Guinea (PNG) culture has always been the focus in regards to gender-based violence, portrayed as the cause of violence against women. Occasionally sources state there are traditional customs or beliefs that protect women from violence, but further explanation is not provided. Hence, this research investigated the question, “How can culture address gender-based violence in contemporary, rural Papua New Guinea?” This study offers an opportunity to view PNG culture as a solution to a problem, instead of merely a problem to be solved.

Research Type(s)
Thesis – Unpublished
Submitted by Toksave
March 21, 2021
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