An Assessment of the Role of Women Within Fishing Communities in the Republic of Palau

Lyn Lambeth

The assessment of the role of women within fishing communities in the Republic of Palau was carried out from the 16 to 30 November 1998. The survey was conducted by Ms Lyn Lambeth (SPC Community Fisheries Officer), with the assistance of Ms Evelyn Oiterong (Division of Marine Resources) and Ms Roberta Louch (Bureau of Women’s Interest). The assessment was requested by the Government of Palau in response to an identified need for more information on the participation of Palauan women in the fisheries sector. The main objectives of the field survey were to:

◆ review the social and economic role played by women in the fisheries sector, including activities undertaken in the harvesting, processing and marketing of marine resources;
◆ provide details on both Government and non-government services available to support the interests of fishing communities and identify support services specifically aimed at women in the fisheries sector;
◆ outline the problems faced by fishing communities and the constraints that inhibit the effective participation of women within the fisheries sector;
◆ identify changes in the situation for women in the fisheries sector since the 1991 report, The Role of Women in the Fisheries of Palau (Matthews and Oiterong, 1991).
◆ provide guidelines to assist the effective participation of women within the fisheries sector.

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UN/IGO Document
Submitted by Toksave
March 23, 2021
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