12th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women, Agenda Item 6: Women’s Access to Services – Health

Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)

As identified in the 2013 Pacific Regional MDG Tracking Report, women face a number of challenges with regard to sexual and reproductive health. For example, the conditions under which women engage in sex may affect their health; low contraceptive use, coupled with unmet needs regarding family planning, leads to high fertility rates, particularly for young people; and violence against women (VAW) has an impact on a women’s sexual and reproductive health. Women are also more vulnerable than men to contracting HIV and STIs. In addition, it was identified that women with a disability experience higher rates of violence than other women, including sexual violence, as well as overall poorer health outcomes. These concerns are further compounded by difficulties in accessing health services. In addressing women’s health concerns and access to health services in the region, it was identified during the 11thTriennial Conference that there is a need for strengthening monitoring and evaluation of health services, for support and collaboration on women’s health issues amongst key actors, and for increased funding for health infrastructure and technology. This paper will further discuss concerns regarding health and access to health services as mentioned above, outline what progress has been made in the region since the 11thTriennial Conference, and note key challenges and recommendations for the future.

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March 24, 2021
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