Service providers’ role – access to justice, women in domestic violence cases

Online & in-person (Canberra)
1 hour

Subrata Banarjee presents a thesis proposal review of his doctoral project on the role of service providers in helping women access justice in domestic violence cases in Bangladesh and Papua New Guinea.

Women face multiple challenges in seeking justice when dealing with the offence of domestic violence in Bangladesh and PNG. Like many other countries, the prevailing justice services in Bangladesh and PNG can be broadly divided into two categories: formal justice service and informal justice practices. 

Subrata’s project addresses the key research questions, including 1. What are the pathways for victims to access justice for domestic violence cases? 2. What are the women’s opportunities and challenges in accessing justice via different service providers? 3. How do the pathways work with a variety of actors? How are the agencies helping each other? 4. What are the roles of non-government organisations (NGOs) in strengthening the services of other actors, and how are these NGOs helping women to access justice?

This is a dual delivery presentation – find more information here.

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